Welcome to Tensys

Tensys Medical, Inc. is a leader in the development and commercialization of continuous, non-invasive, hemodynamic monitoring systems. Without a single needle stick, the company’s T-Line technology is used today in hospital operating rooms, ICUs and electrophysiology labs to provide a patient’s real-time pulse pressure waveform and blood pressure. The T-Line family of products allows early recognition and treatment of rapid changes in blood pressure in the OR and improves diagnosis and management of cardiovascular conditions. With the future addition of advanced hemodynamic parameters, Tensys is positioned to continue its leadership in the growing, non-invasive, hemodynamic marketplace.

Core Features Of The TL-300

TL 300

The TL-300 features a tablet supported monitor that allows touch screen control and displays a patient’s key hemodynamic parameters. In addition to continuous beat-to-beat blood pressure and arterial waveform, the operator is readily able to view trend data for up to a 12-hour period. The tablet displays data coming from an integrated bracelet, sensor, and wrist frame placed over the patient’s radial artery.

  • Continuous
    The TL-300 is displays a continuous waveform and data, avoiding the blind-time associated with a cuff.
  • Non-invasive
    The T-Line uses completely non-invasive tonometry to display critical patient hemodynamic data. No needle stick, it’s that simple.
  • Integrative
    The TL-300 data can be easily displayed to your primary monitor.
  • Trendy
    The TL-300 can display patient trends for up to a 12 hour period.